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      Maine Coon- the biggest of domestic cats despite its formidable looks is a gentle, balanced creature with an owlish look. It has a mild temperament, an emotional nature, and exceptional intelligence. Its behaviour resembles that of a dog. It always accompanies the owner, no matter if it is to the kitchen, bathroom, bed or armchair. It’s a wonderful, amiable companion, very patient and devoted to the owner.

   The cats of this breed are perfect hunters; they won’t leave any mosquito, mouse or bird flock alone. To hunt there pray, they won’t hesitate to go in the water. The noises they make are astounding and invariably funny, their diversity and intensity amaze everyone. Maine coon cats talk to their owners and for that and for being so exceptional they are loved so much.

   My adventure with Maine Coon cats started in a funny way. A couple of years ago I didn’t even think of having a cat, any cat. I was one of those people who love cats but they are not aware of it yet. I loved dogs for their fidelity, unlimited obedience and great love for human beings. I perceived cats as defiant but beautiful and mysterious creatures with autistic features. Everything changed on a September day during a cat exhibition in Wroc³aw.


   It was a rainy Saturday, not a very nice day. On entering the exhibition you smelled wet clothes mixed with a scent of powder. The impression was electrifying but overwhelming at the same time. There was a crowd of people everywhere moving slowly in a queue along the cages. Tired cats were lying behind the curtains, paying no attention to the people. Only kittens were madly chasing the feather or a ball on a string demonstrating their flexibility, coordination, grace and reflex. Avoiding the queue I was collecting business cards placed on the cages, more out of curiosity than real necessity. Semi-longhair cats were beautiful and fascinating but nothing more. Here we come to the events that changed my life, however banal and pathetic it may sound.

   My friend Ula and my daughter Alina liked all the cats at the exhibition; each of them was simply marvelous. Our visit was drawing to an end; there were only a couple of cages left to see. On one of them I noticed a beautiful cat. Its sphinx position and absent look made him look like a sculpture. This cat was called Esus and he was out of my reach because of its price.

   Ula and I are people who have good social skills. Non-committal conversation with a breeder, started more out of curiosity than a need to buy a cat, changed suddenly into something more. We saw the siblings of Esus playing in the cage and after asking half a dozen questions it was done. Ula took out the money and paid the deposit. We bought Esk’s brother called Eber. Since that moment nothing has been the same.

   I was supposed to pick Elber the next day. Going home I started thinking what I had done. I was terrified by my own recklessness and its consequences. I’ve never had a cat before. My child, on the contrary was ecstatically happy, repeating, “we are going to have a cat, we are going to have a cat” like a mantra. Only Ula was looking at me with a faint smile. It all happened because of her- I was thinking. We are both old and stupid but it’s me who bought a cat. I’m very grateful to her now- thanks Ula!!


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